Our Mission

The mission of the Bertie County Arts Council is to promote and encourage the development and advancement of the arts in Bertie County; to cultivate an appreciation of the arts; to promote and encourage education of the arts; to promote funding and coordination of arts activities county-wide; and to cooperate with neighboring arts councils and local organizations in the advancement of the arts.

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Our History

The Bertie County Arts Council (BCAC) was incorporated in 1987 and began as the dream of a small group of residents who were dedicated to bringing the arts to Bertie County at their first meeting in June 1988. Their hope was to encourage, not only the appreciation of arts in this rural area, but also to provide a public facility where artists would have a venue to showcase their artistry. Various meeting places were used over a ten-year period before the town of Windsor offered to help bring their goal to fruition.

The building at 124 South King Street was abandoned by the occupant after the flood of 1999 as too expensive to renovate. However, as one of the oldest buildings in Windsor, still complete with original tin ceilings and hardwood floors, the town officials decided it was too valuable to remain vacant without restoration. The town acquired the building from the previous owner and negotiated a long term lease with the BCAC. It then became the responsibility of Board Members, artists, and membership to help raise the funds needed for the interior renovation. The building was aptly named to honor a prominent town leader who worked tirelessly on the renovation project. The dream became a reality when the Bertie County Arts Gallery opened its doors in 2003 in the David Overton Building.


Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors [From Left->Right]

Will Metcalfe, Jeri Oltman (Treasurer), Abbey Sutton, Jeannie Carter, Carlotta Lee, Rebecca Jinnette (Secretary), Kathy Sumner, Rosanna Rhea, Heidi Bonislawski (Office Manager), Nancy Davis, Joe Cooper (Vice President), and Karen Sours (President)

[Not Shown: Ginny Van Dongen, Shelia Craig, and Nayland Collier]


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